Charity spends 50 million Pakistan rupees (USD492,000) on renovation project for Mayo Hospital’s East Medical Ware (Female)

sarwar family at Mayo Hospital ceremony

NRS International’s family-run charity, Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF), has completed the renovation of Mayo Hospital’s East Medical Ward (Female) with a total budget of 50 million Pakistani rupees (approximately $492,000). This is the third ward to be fully renovated by BSF following the completion of the East Medical Ward (Male) and Neurology Ward upgrade in 2014. The Mayo Hospital is one of the oldest and biggest hospitals in Punjab, Pakistan.

The formal inauguration was held on April 11th at the King Edward Medical University (KEMU), the hospital’s prestigious affiliated university and South Asia’s second oldest educational institution. It was followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony and a brief tour of the renovated intensive care, dialysis and endoscopy units at the East Medical Ward.

The event was attended by over 200 guests including public health officials, hospital department heads, medical students and media representatives. Charity founder, Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar, and family members also attended the ceremony and presented awards to the guest speakers.

BSF President, Mr. Farhan Sarwar, highlighted in his speech that no detail was left undone and “…that all the construction and rehabilitation of the hospital wards, including the provision of beds for the patients, furniture, biomedical equipment, and air conditioning have been completed through the foundation’s donations.” He further announced that BSF will continue to refurbish and upgrade more wards in the hospital, citing that, “we (BSF) are going to donate 50 new machines immediately for the dialysis unit.

Dr. Zahid Pervaiz, Pakistan’s health director, said, “The Sarwar family had completed many patient welfare projects at Mayo Hospital and the government is ready to give it more space at public health facilities.

Advisor to Punjab’s Chief Minister of Health, Mr. Khawaja Salman Rafique, also gave accolades to the humanitarian services and philanthropic initiatives from BSF and for providing continuous generous donations. “The foundation is greatly helping the patients as well as the government in sharing financial burden and in providing better healthcare access to ailing people visiting public hospitals,” he said in an interview. “The services of BSF are worth emulating for others,” he emphasised.

BSF was officially launched in 2010 with the inauguration of Bilqees Sarwar Free Hospital in Lahore, which continues to serve over 500,000 people and treat up to 12,000 patients per month. The BSF Free Hospital is currently under maintenance and is set to re-open soon.

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