Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) has completed the second renovation of its Bilqees Sarwar Medical Ward at the Government of Punjab Prison Department’s District Jail in Lahore. BSF invested PKR 10 million to provide the required medical facilities for treating inmates facing minor through to life-threatening health problems.

During the first renovation, BSF invested PKR 40 million for advanced medical equipment and rehabilitation of the medical ward. Later, this ward was renamed to “Bilqees Sarwar Foundation Ward”.

On May 11, a ribbon cutting ceremony was organised after the successful completion of the second refurbishment, to officially hand over the newly-renovated ward to the Prison Department. 26 additional new patient beds were added along with medical apparatus, worth PKR 10 million.

Mr. Farhan Sarwar, President BSF, attended the ceremony as the Chief Guest. He was accompanied by high ranking officials from the Prison Department, including Mr. Mian Farooq Nazir, Inspector General Prisons and Mr. Mubashir Ahmad Khan, Deputy Inspector General Prisons, who addressed the audience and praised BSF for their initiative.

After the ceremony, Mr. Sarwar visited the ward and enquired after the health of the patients. The prisoners receiving treatment there expressed their thanks to Mr. Sarwar and BSF for their medical treatment and subsequent recoveries.

“Our aim is to provide every individual with access to quality healthcare and essential medical aid.”

Mr. Farhan Sarwar, President BSF

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is working for the welfare of prisoners and we are thankful to Mr. Farhan Sarwar, President-BSF, for taking this initiative.”

– Mr. Mian Farooq Nazir, Inspector General Prisons

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Mr. Sarwar presented souvenirs to Mr. Mian Farooq Nazir and Mr. Mubashar Ahmad Khan.

Vision of Punjab Prisons Department regarding prisoner healthcare

The Punjab Prison Department aims to ensure the return of the offender to society as a normal and useful citizen rather than a discarded entity. Thus, a strong emphasis is laid on the reformation and rehabilitation of inmates by taking good care of prisoner health, and providing them with optimal healthcare solutions. The Department firmly believes in “hate for crime but not for criminal”.