As part of its commitment to give back to society, NRS International’s family-run charity Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) has been conducting renovations, upgrade and maintenance of different wards at Mayo Hospital, one of the biggest and oldest hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan.


In July 2012, BSF inaugurated the renovation of Mayo Hospital’s Neurology Ward including its intensive care unit and laboratory. BSF donated lab equipment such as cardiac monitors, oxygen alarm systems and electrolyte analyser machines to provide testing facilities for all patients seeking urgent medical assistance. The 6-bed capacity ward was delivered with complete sonex tile flooring, installation and fixing of new aluminum doors and windows, and overall complete wall painting.

nurse checking patient

This year, BSF resumed with the repair of the hospital’s old wing in May and is aiming to finish the project by end of September 2014. BSF continues to provide medical facilities, fully equipped laboratory, and completely free medical care not just in neurology unit but in different wards as well.

Statements from hospital patients

Here are a few testimonials from Neurology Ward patients who have been successfully treated using plasmapheresis procedures made possible by BSF:

“I’ve been using ventilator (for months) – timely plasmapheresis arranged by BSF saved my life.”

– Usman, diagnosed with GB Syndrome

“The best treatment given to me. I recovered fully in 12 days. Thanks to BSF for their support.”

– Rafaqat, diagnosed with GB Syndrome

“Plasmapharesis saved not only my life but also improved the quality of my life. I am mobile after 5 sessions.”

– Zarina, diagnosed with CIDP “I am going through thyme. Thanks to BSF for providing plasmapharesis before my surgery.”

Kausar, diagnosed with Mystheria Gravis