As part of NRS International‘s CSR initiatives, Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) will renovate a recently-acquired public school and mosque, located near the factory of our parent company’s new business venture, Minha Edible Oils, in Lahore.

Pakistan has long struggled to increase school enrollment and approximately 140 million children are out of school and deprived of quality education. Only 87% of Pakistani students complete primary education. Achieving a quality education is expensive and those at lower wage levels are being excluded from even a basic education. Whilst government schools offer free education, public sector investment is often ineffective, and education quality is hindered by less qualified staff and poor infrastructure.

Education for the most vulnerable populations

In the face of these difficulties, BSF has offered scholarships to primary and secondary level students since its inception. Scholarship recipients report that challenges at home prevent their continued schooling. This was succinctly expressed by Ahmad Yousaf, an eighth grade student: “I want to become an engineer but there aren’t any nearby facilities where I can get a basic education. Therefore, for the past 4 years, I have had to travel to a distant educational institute.”

Renovation of public school and mosque

school-10 school renovation lahore

BSF is further strengthening its support of the education sector by  acquiring a government-owned primary school. BSF will renovate this facility, and hire highly qualified teachers, so that primary and secondary level education for student at grades 1 to 10 can be effectively delivered. The school will be renovated within 60 days, and divided into two separate branches to accommodate boys and girls.

The school will be renamed as the ‘Bilqees Sarwar Foundation High School’.

Farhan Sarwar, Founder of BSF, commented: “This school is not a project but a dream. It will lead the new generation of Pakistan in a direction where they can build a better tomorrow.”

BSF also agreed to renovate a mosque adjacent to the school, so that it can offer all the facilities required for people visiting throughout the day for prayers. This mosque will be renamed as “Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar Jamiah Mosque” in the memory of Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar, founder of the H.Sheikh Noor-ud-Din manufacturing facility.