Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar


While living in a globalized world, we are facing several challenges related to social development, academic growth and provision of quality healthcare facilities. I believe that it is the prime responsibility of every individual, business and welfare organization to take initiatives of making the world a better place to live by playing their role in reforming a civilized society for our coming generations, involving an improvised academic infrastructure, access to quality healthcare and responding to humanitarian crises proactively.

We are ambitious to double our budget by next year, through funding campaigns and increased visibility in the areas of healthcare and education. 2017 was the year of sharpening our focus and increasing our impact. We recognize that change starts at home. Acknowledging the challenges, we face in our local community, we need to start supporting our neighbors first, before scaling our efforts up nationally and internationally.

I feel proud to say that my children are giving back to society by contributing in providing a conducive academic environment and quality healthcare facilities to our society under the umbrella of Bilqees Sarwar Foundation.

Farhan Sarwar

President & Founder

My secret of success is to honor every employee working with me and to take care of the community members by supporting them with our CSR initiatives. Every father transfers a fortune to their children as I inherit the vision of serving the humanity from my father and being eldest son, I am transferring this legacy to my generation in a hope to be preserved and carry forward very well. It is through our faith, and encouragement from our friends, that we are able to continue this important initiative. Our work has only just begun and next year we are looking forward to sharing further successes.

Board Of Directors

Farhaj Sarwar

Senior Vice Chairman

From little seeds, mighty trees grow, and this saying describes our journey so far. Our country is facing several challenges especially in the area of healthcare and education, with only few resources dedicated to them. BSF has up scaled its activities significantly in 2017 and thanks to our growing donor based, we have positively impacted 150,000 community members.

Ahmar Sarwar

Vice Chairman

We take our investment in the BSF very seriously. We want to ensure that every rupee we donate helps as many people as possible and ensures sustainable change. To make this a reality we leverage our expertise from other sectors and apply it to our foundation.

Furqan Sarwar

Vice President

According to UNICEF, an estimated 9.4 million primary school-aged children receive no formal education. As a father and a responsible citizen of Pakistan, I believe that there should be a strong call to action for the development of a sustainable academic infrastructure, therefore, I wholeheartedly support our educational projects. It is about creating a future generation with the skills and tools needed to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.

Arfa Sajid

General Secretary

Education is a primitive necessity for developing a great nation and a key responsibility of every institute to develop a culture that encourages and support the young generation to perform at their best. Therefore, BSF has taken charge to support the academic institutions and healthcare facilities to generate a productive environment for a bright future of the next generation.

Baserat Imran

Finance Secretary

Being a part of BSF, it’s our foremost responsibility to facilitate the underprivileged segments of society with standard education and quality healthcare therefore, we are working for the cause of developing a state where we can live and enjoy the basic human rights including education, standard healthcare solutions and the welfare of prisoners.