During this sacred month of Ramadan, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) provides daily Iftar meals to over 2,600 community members. Over the years, BSF started a tradition of sharing meals to employees and communities at H. Sheik Noor-ud-Din & Sons Pvt. Ltd. (HSNDS) and at the Sarwar family home, the chairing family of HSNDS. This year, the Sarwar family has opened their doors daily to over 1,000 community members to break fast and pray together.

BSF provides the Ramadan party to deserving people

“During the first three days, only a few hundred people came to our home, but every day we are receiving more and more guests” cited Mr. Farhan Sarwar, Founder of BSF and CEO of HSNDS. “We love that the community is coming together in our home.”

“Every year we look forward to opening our doors during this month of Ramazan and sharing time together,” stated Ms. Maliha Sarwar, the newest member of the BSF team. “We want to continue this family tradition for years to come.”

BSF was established in 2005 and was founded by the Sarwar family. It is committed to  public health, education and humanitarian response within in Pakistan and around the world. BSF currently runs the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital in Lahore.