Message from Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar, Chairwoman of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation:

Dear friends, neighbours and partners,

This year we are striving to reach more beneficiaries within Pakistan and the Middle East. Our website has gone through a transformation to drive community engagement, making it simpler for beneficiaries to receive services.

Our values to help, share and treat employees, beneficiaries and neighbours like family, inspired the creation of our foundation. The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation was inaugurated on these family values, and it is a blessing to see my grandchildren now taking interest in our work. My family inspires me and renews my commitment to scale up our work in education and public health. I am truly proud that my family and I can continue to work in this sector, learn from others and grow with our communities.

May Allah give us the strength needed to continue this important work and help our communities.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar, Chairwoman