Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) achieved another milestone by completing another refurbishment of a medical ward in Mayo Hospital, (one of the oldest and biggest hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan). BSF fulfills its commitment by delivering the Nephrology Ward in the following year.
BSF began partnering with Mayo Hospital in 2012. To date, BSF has refurbished and enhanced the Neurology Ward, East Medical Ward (Male Unit) and East Medical Ward (Female Unit). In our latest renovation of the Nephrology ward, we invested 17.17 million rupees (162,064 USD) which included the latest technological equipment and helps maximize patient care.
Mr. Farhan Sarwar, founder of BSF, believes that quality healthcare is a fundamental right for all humanity. To further highlight this matter, he stated that, “In order to achieve this, we found a great partner in the Mayo Hospital, through this refurbishment, we can help the government deliver higher quality care for all the citizens of Lahore”. When asked about the partnership, Dr. Muhammed Amjad Shahzad, Medical Superintendent of Mayo Hospital, stated, “BSF has worked with Mayo Hospital since 2012, and I highly appreciate the efforts and work that BSF has done over the period of time. We look forward to receiving further support through upcoming renovation projects.”
According to the United Nations E-Government Survey 2016, a growing need of health services in emerging countries has raised the concern among private sectors and charitable organizations to provide sustainable healthcare solutions. Due to poverty levels of almost 40% across Pakistan, many low-income groups lack awareness as well as the resources resulting in a large number of people suffering from chronic illnesses. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF), as part of its commitment to give back to the society has been conducting renovations, upgradation and maintenance of different wards at Mayo Hospital.