Humanity needs our participation to make this universe full of peace. For this, we can contribute to let those people able to have a pleasant life who can’t even get the basic necessities. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation has travelled so far to make it possible for the destitute people to enjoy happiness. BSF aims to spread happiness among the poor people through charity campaigns and provides free of cost bliss to underprivileged class from free education for most vulnerable children to free treatment for deserving patients.
We all can become a part of this noble cause to give relief to someone who fights for winning a contented life. Please donate to Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, be a part of this virtue and earn the immense prayers from those who really deserve. By participating with Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, you will be a helping hand for the poor souls to make them able to get rid of miseries and lead a comfortable life.

Financial donation

We are currently in the process of creating an online payment donation facility. In case you want to donate now, please find our bank details below to kindly make an electronic bank transfer. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail via our contact page and we shall get in touch.

Account Title : Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Account Number : 99-06-29301-714-103071


IBAN Number : PK89MPBL9906177140103071

Bank Name : Habib Metropolitan Bank

Branch Address : Circular Road, Lahore.

donate to save a lives

Donate goods

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is really grateful for donations of goods. They help us support our local community and can make a difference to those most in need.

Donations we can accept

All donations should be clean and useable. We are always looking for:

  • Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing
  • Toys and games
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Accessories including shoes and belts
  • Homeware – anything from cushions to crockery
  • Linens and bedware
  • Books, CDs, DVDs
  • Mobile phones and used printer cartridges.

Donations we can’t accept

We cannot accept anything that could be unsafe to use – anything that is broken, dangerous or unhygienic. In particular, we can’t accept:

  • Mains electrical items
  • Fresh food or drink, tobacco
  • Any objects that could be used as weapons

Please contact us if you’re not sure if we can accept your donation.

Donating your items

  • If you are donating your unwanted household items, you can bag these up and drop them into a nearby BSF office in Lahore.
  • If you are a business and are donating unwanted stock, email us and we can arrange for this to be collected.