List of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan reflects the image when talking about making a donation, either of time, money, or items like clothing or food, we often use the words charity and philanthropy interchangeably. The charity has been described as something we, as Pakistanis, experience regularly in our culture. Early on in elementary school, we are taught to be generous and to share. In religious and moral settings, we are taught to think of our neighbor in their times of need. From change jars at registers with causes written on the front to food drives during the holiday season, we are called on to be charitable to our neighbor down the street, to even our global neighbor, on a daily basis.

Charity tends to be a short-term, emotional, immediate response, focused primarily on rescue and relief, whereas philanthropy is much more long-term, more strategic, focused on rebuilding. Researchers say there is charity, which is good, and then there is problem-solving charity, which is called philanthropy, and I think that’s the distinction I have tried to make.

Philanthropy as the list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan, then, is the preferred method because it not only seeks to help, but intentionally searches for the root of the problem and looks for solutions. It is great to offer food, shelter, and clothing to someone without a home. But how much better would it be to provide solutions to the problems such as hosting a job fair or funding an abuse clinic. Don’t get me wrong: charity, meeting the immediate human needs of your fellow human, is good and necessary in our world today.

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However, it’s important to keep in mind the words of a man known for his philanthropic actions, Farhan Sarwar President BSF, “The best philanthropy is constantly in search of the finalities—a search for a cause, an attempt to cure evils at their source.” Here we are explaining the contributions of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan working for the progression of welfare of society which are;

  1. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation
  2. Edhi Foundation
  3. Shahid Afridi Foundation
  4. Shaukat Khanum Foundation
  5. Aman Foundation
  6. Al-Khidmat Foundation
  7. Sahara For Life Trust

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation logo

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) a family run charitable organization was established to formalize the philanthropic activities majorly in the locality of Punjab. BSF has a long history of giving to the needy in Pakistan. The Foundation’s strategy is built on the foundation’s belief that philanthropy is a humanitarian obligation, with an emphasis on extending need-based help to the community.

BSF which is on the list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan focuses on the areas which are community development in health and education sector, women’s empowerment and disaster Recovery. Additionally, the Foundation supports Special Projects that are based on community needs. The Foundation has built homes for Syrian’s homeless, lighted up remote villages that are outside the national power grid by the provision of solar torches and continues to conceive and sustain numerous programs to support women. Under Special Projects, the Foundation offers healthcare and other types of social assistance to the people.

“As a philanthropist, I especially focus on the nurturing of our education sector by empowering students to become great leaders of the country. I strongly support them in attaining their basic rights, particularly in achieving the quality education.” by Mr. Frahan Sarwar, President BSF.

Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation logo

Opened in the 1950s, the Mithadar clinic is today part of a sprawling network of the medical centre, mortuaries, adoption and ambulance services serving Pakistan’s poor and destitute, as well as refuges for homeless men, women and children. Such services are vital in a country with effectively no state social welfare apparatus. And the Edhi Foundation, which is largely funded by public donations, also provides humanitarian relief in disaster zones around the world.

Abdul Sattar Edhi may be the founder and head of Pakistan’s largest social welfare organization, but the legendary philanthropist still lives in the back of his first medical clinic in the heart of a Karachi slum. Born in the state of Gujarat, India in 1928, Mr. Edhi migrated to Karachi with his family in 1947 during the partition, as Pakistan was carved out of newly independent India as a homeland for the subcontinent’s Muslims.

Even as a young man, Mr. Edhi recognize Edhi Foundation in the list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan was passionate about alleviating the poverty and suffering he saw around him, his wife says. He began his social work career equipped with an old van he used to pick up the bloated abandoned bodies of drug addicts and the homeless on the street before preparing them for burial.

Shahid Afridi Foundation

Shahid Afridi Foundation logo

The Shahid Afridi Foundation registered as the nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting people who are in need of good health; to enhance the character of children through educational development and help support communities within the region. It’s his way of paying back to the country and his fellowmen, for the love and empowerment they have showered him with, throughout his impressive career.

While Shahid Afridi is a champion player on the cricket field and a tough opponent to defeat, he is also a keen observer with a soft heart for his fellow countrymen. He felt a dire need to provide basic health care and education to the community and therefore the SAF project is very close to his heart.  Shahid Afridi decided to establish this charitable trust with the object to provide basic healthcare and education to the people of Pakistan. He decided to start from his own hometown, with his own money and his own family and village supporting his noble cause.

The foundation includes in the list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan was established recently (in March 2014) and the core concept behind it is Charity laced with absolute philanthropy.

Shaukat Khanum Foundation

Shukat Khanam Foundation Logo

Long before the Cricket World Cup was won by Pakistan in 1992, Shaukat Khanum’s son took it upon himself to build Pakistan’s first cancer hospital and research centre. You have the vision. You talk to the medical professionals. There’s the feasibility of the whole project, the architects, the design, the site, the construction, the years and years of planning. And early in that process, someone says, ‘Yes, Mr. Khan, we can build the hospital in Lahore. It will cost 700 million rupees.’

Imran Khan told The Financial Times last year,” It took me one year to raise 10 million rupees when I was about 38.” To raise the remaining 690 million, he organized “charity shows and events all over Pakistan and across the world. The hardest sum to raise was the first 10 million rupees and the easiest was the last 10 million.”
In the two years after reaching the pinnacle of his sport, Pakistan’s No1 cricketer made the most of his fame and fortune for philanthropy. In 1994 the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in Lahore was opened by Simera, a nine-year-old girl with cancer, the hospital’s first patient. Today list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan includes the Shaukat Khanum hospital that continues to provide treatment, care and hope for Pakistanis with cancer.

Aman Foundation

Aman Foundation logo

The Aman Foundation, established by the Naqvi family in 2008 is the largest private social sector enterprise in Pakistan, with a focus on healthcare and education. The foundation was commended for its outstanding work in creating sustainable and systemic impact through grant-giving and direct investment in a series of programs that have played a transformative role in the social fabric of Karachi.

As per the aspects of sustainability programs are designed for sustainability in the medium to long-term. A few models are tiered pricing model for those who are willing and can afford to pay for the Ambulance services, the partnership with multilateral and bilateral donor organizations for the Community Health Program. But as per the list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan includes aspects of scalability programs are built to be prototypes to create models of healthcare delivery that may be scaled. Programs have in-built flexibility with respect to immediate scalability. Sukh Initiative – a partnership of the Gates Foundation, the Packard Foundation and the AMAN Foundation to provide mother & child healthcare services to 1 million population, public-private partnership agreement to scale EMS services in Sindh province.

Al-Khidmat Foundation

Al Khidmat Foundation logo

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is a continuation of half a century-old tradition of relief and philanthropic work. Its services actually started with the creation of Pakistan. With the vision of “Serve to Humanity” Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan” registered in 1990, as an NGO under the Societies ACT. Alkhidmat is dedicated to the service of humanity in all parts of the world without any discrimination of creed, religion and political association. While adding up our services including health, education, community development and emergency relief & rehabilitation at home and abroad, we can safely claim to be the largest network of humanitarian services in Pakistan.

It has no alliance with any territorial, ethnic or political movement of Pakistan or any other place on the planet. All of the monetary support provided to any viable organization at home or abroad is only for charitable purposes. As per the list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is committed to serving the humanity in all parts of the world without any discrimination of ideology, religion, race, clan and political affiliation.

Sahara For Life Trust

Sahara logo

Sahara For Life Trust Sahara For Life Trust is a not for profit, registered tax exempted charity, dedicated to provide quality healthcare, education and social services that are accessible and cost effective to the people residing in remote areas. The primary goal of Sahara For Life Trust is to serve the community. It is run on the concept of equality and social responsibility, implemented through a cross-subsidization model.

The income generated by the donations is used to cover the cost of treatment of the less privileged members of the community. Evolution of Sahara For Life Trust The founder of the Trust Mr. Abrar Ul Haq is a symbol of human service, an icon of popular music and has been instrumental in creating a vision of folk heritage, music and community service which has transcended the geographical and linguistic barrier to propagate the message of love, hope and tolerance among millions of his followers.

The death of his mother provided the needed stimulus for the realization of his benevolent dream. God imbided in him the vision to establish SAHARA as an NGO on 15th of June 1998 which was later registered as a Trust on 15th June 2000. Within a short span of time list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan includes with the trust which has established itself as a devoted, transparent and professional organization. The Trust is now recognized and registered as a leading charitable organization in Pakistan, U.K & U.S.A. It is also certified by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy and U.N.


At the end, we concluded with a result that foundation as an entity that supports charitable activities by making grants to unrelated organizations or institutions or to individuals for scientific, educational, cultural, religious, or other charitable purposes. While foundations with the list of top 7 charity organizations in Pakistan are often primarily engaged in grantmaking activities, some may engage in their own direct charitable activities or programs. When thinking about foundations in the charitable context, however with the help of millions of volunteers and the generosity of countless donors, they provide many services and perform many functions that in some countries are largely performed by government.