NRS International, the parent company of Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, recently joined the Global Business Coalition for Education‘s list of private companies that together have committed more than USD50 million to support the ‪education of ‪Syrian ‪refugee children. As a member, NRS International is donating temporary learning spaces for refugee education, while simultaneously showcasing its capacity of delivering strategic, innovative solutions for ‪humanitarian response.

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The corporate commitments of more than 50 member organisations are critical to the global education development effort, particularly as the private sector continues to evaluate how they can support humanitarian efforts in hopes of inspiring donor governments to take further and appropriate action. Historically, companies have been bound by their corporate social responsibility pledges which limit their contributions to social efforts, or have been otherwise excluded from such conversations. Now, by directly addressing the Syrian refugee crisis, the private sector is showcasing their unique position of delivering strategic solutions to further humanitarian efforts, while reinforcing the business case for investing in education. With the resolute stance to support out-of-school Syrian refugee children, these businesses are setting a precedent for prioritizing and rethinking approaches to protecting education in emergency.

According to GBC Education, plans are underway to enroll 1 million Syrian refugee children into a double shift school system in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. GBC-Education has been convening business leaders in the Middle East to support this plan, including organising a high-level roundtable to discuss solutions for the Syrian crisis in December. The coalition will also continue to expand its network in the Middle East alongside partners like the Young Presidents Association and business networks in the region.

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