Our pledge to our communities

The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) was founded by the Sarwar family, on the belief that ‘charity begins at home’. The charitable-arm of NRS International was inaugurated in an effort to give back to our community. NRS International heads four subsidiaries: NRS Relief and TANA Netting. The family-run company’s aim is to alleviate suffering through manufacturing and supplying core relief items for the humanitarian, development and public health sectors.

Bilqees Sarwar Hospital building
children doing school work
children says thanks to BSF

Over the past 10 years, BSF has worked tirelessly by conducting projects, campaigns and building partnerships in order to serve a wider scope of communities around the world. This charitable organization is committed to building community resilience post-humanitarian crisis by focusing on improving the quality and access to public health and widening education opportunities for vulnerable communities. BSF provides in-kind and financial donations to a variety of international projects to develop a more productive and sustainable future.

To find out more about our projects relating to public health, education and humanitarian response, click here.