In order to deepen its philanthropic commitment to improving the health and education of children around the world, Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) has partnered with the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) to provide safe spaces for young boys at the risk of exploitation in Vietnam.

Over the past 22 years, CNCF has operated The Boy’s Sunshine Nest Shelter, providing a safe haven for young boys in Ho Chi Minh City. BSF’s donation of 1,424,108 Pakistani rupees (USD13,612) will provide an additional 31 boys, between 5 and 21 , with healthcare, education, vocational training, recreational opportunities and a loving family environment.


Ho Chi Minh City has rapidly developed, and this urbanisation has attracted a large influx of migrants from rural areas. However, with urbanisation comes inherent risks, and many families find themselves unable to support their children. Every day, young children find themselves out on the street and at risk of sexual abuse, trafficking, child labour and drug addiction. The Boy’s Sunshine Nest Shelter provides safe spaces for these young boys and encourages families to become reunited. Know more