Razia Begum Dialysis Centre

Kidney problem is a major issue in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. It sounds familiar when they say they are suffering from kidney disease, but it’s really painful when one actually feels it. Moreover, it is a disturbing fact that millions of people are losing their lives while fighting against this disease. In Pakistan, medical facility is one of the core issues up till now. If we talk about the people of underprivileged areas, thousands of people fight with health issues and remain untreated due to unavailability of proper medication.

Lack of facilities, equipment, medicines, doctor’s attention, funds and many other problems in hospitals are there which seems to be the greatest hindrance in the way of a healthy life. For these poor souls, Bilqees Sarwar Hospital is the light of hope to get a happy and healthy life, once again. Bilqees Sarwar Hospital has been serving the people of Lahore, Pakistan since 2010. It helps the people who are unable to bear the expenses of costly treatment and lose hope when one of their loved one suffers from such a chronic ailment. Bilqees Sarwar Hospital facilitates people of underprivileged areas by letting them be cured with the best treatment, free of cost.

Free Dialysis Treatment

In Raiza Begum Dialysis Centre, patients suffering from kidney disease will be treated with the best of medical facilities. In Bilqees Sarwar Hospital, the poor gets equal rights which they deserve and patients will undergo the free dialysis and this is not the end, they will get the proper care and attention needed to be cured in a healthy way. By this way, they are serving the humanity with full potential and encouraging the people who have lost their hope to live a healthy life.

Motive behind Razia Begum Dialysis Centre

The aim of establishing Razia Begum Dialysis Centre is to contribute in healthcare sector by developing a healthy society where thousands of people remain untreated just because of their pitiable financial condition. Razia Begum Dialysis Centre is the project of Bilqees Sarwar Hospital participating beyond financial donations.