The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation renewed its commitment to Customs Public School by granting a total number of 55 scholarships worth PKR 2.66 million (USD 25,131) to benefit underprivileged students with an opportunity to acquire quality education.

Over 140 million children in developing countries are out of school mainly due to poverty and lack of resources with nearly 18% of the population failing to finish primary school. Of those who manage to attend school, 30% are unable to obtain the quality education. Many children living in underdeveloped areas of Pakistan are faced with multiple obstacles such as lack of finances and poor education even with the availability of state-owned academic institutions. Only 85% of Pakistani children are able to finish primary school with minimum resources and distant educational institutes.
The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation has expanded its scholarship program to assist local students. For over a decade, BSF has taken initiatives to help shape its communities in a positive way. Following the success of providing 22 scholarships in March 2016 to the Customs Public School, BSF increased its donation to cover 55 scholarships worth PKR 2.66 million (USD 25,131). To date, it has supported students at Customs Public School by granting scholarships worth PKR 4,433,871 (USD 41,830).