Scholarships in Pakistan has a similar structure as followed in international trends that it provides students a chance for them to study in a cost-effective manner. Some scholarships for students will even give you the chance to go to college for free. There are differences in the extent to which a scholarship covers the cost of your education, but one thing is for sure that you won’t have to pay more than a fraction of the total cost. The cost of education has risen manifold over the past few years, kicking it out of the reach of underprivileged families. A degree has become a necessity to get a good job and scholarships for students are ensuring that everyone has a chance to do so.

Unlike student loans, the scholarships for students do not have to be repaid. This means that once you get the money for your college, it is yours to keep. Even though the student loans offered by colleges are mostly interest-free, you would still have to repay them which will bind you in the long run. Scholarships for students are a great initiative to ensure that the student does not have to work while studying, though some of them do. The students who earn and learn at the same time do so to supplement their income, not to pay off a loan.

Scholarships in Pakistan for students are not necessarily only for the students who are in need. Even students who hail from a well-off family can get a scholarship and save on costs. The money that is saved can be used by the student for further education, such as getting a Master’s degree. It is beneficial to have some cash on hand just to be on the safe side.

“Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world” (Malala Yousafzai)

In Pakistan, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has not detailed the statistics for the current year but previous years’ information does not show such a large number of internal students. HEC has different scholarship programs ranging from 10 percent scholarships to fully funded scholarships from overseas. HEC has allocated a budget of about 58 billion rupees for the year 2015 – 16 which is just a little higher than the 57.5 billion that was allocated for the previous year. The government has allocated Rs. 20.5 billion (Only 843 million higher than 2014) of this amount to HEC for Public Development Sector Program. 4.6 billion of that amount is for new schemes and 15.9 billion for ongoing schemes.

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation logo

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) which is a family run charitable organization delivering their services since 2010 but it was registered in June 2014 with the aim of facilitating community in health, education and humanitarian relief sectors. One of the research shows that 13.7 million girls and 11.4 million boys drop out of schools in Pakistan with the major cause of affordability of education and meeting the standards which became difficult for deprived families. In this drastic situation, BSF took the initiative to empower education by offering scholarships to primary and secondary level students. Accumulate of more than 200 scholarships which worth more than 18 million per year is donated to different schools in order to support and achieve the high marks with a strong record of improving access and enhancing the student experience.

BSF believes that the current state of the economy should emphasize in pertaining the goals that all young people, as well as mature students, with the potential to excel should be educated. BSF  award scholarships in Pakistan which is offering academic education to students for the development opportunities of their character building, nourishment, and counseling, which broaden their experience and equip them with the skills to maximize their talents and play a positive role in society. BSF is escalating its scholarship offerings with a vision which is clearly reflecting as,
“I believe that if plant a seed today we will get the fruit tomorrow, it means that if today we support the young students by any means tomorrow one of them may carry forward this philanthropic mission by supporting the others.” Farhan Sarwar, President BSF

Fauji Foundation

Fauji Foundation logo

Fauji Foundation was established in 1954 as a charitable organization from Post War Services Reconstruction Fund (PWSRF) which was later transferred to the organization by the civilian government worth of Rs. 18.2 million. This nonprofit organization is majorly focusing on health care, education and vocational trainings. In education sector, Fauji Foundation achieved step by step milestone for the betterment of education system by facilitating 100 schools and colleges, 65 vocational training centres and nine technical training centres. These 100 schools and colleges were established from foots of Karachi to Gilgit accommodating 45,000 students, 2,000 teachers and more than 1,100 admin staff were deployed to fulfill the basic necessities of education.

Moreover, Fauji Foundation which is one of the facilitators of scholarships in Pakistan achieved another aim in creating an educated society with the establishment of The Foundation University Islamabad (FUI). The university granted its charter in October 2002 by the Federal Government of Pakistan. After getting the charter, the foundation established three more institutes Foundation University Institute of Engineering and Management Sciences (FUIEMS), Foundation University Medical College (FUMC) and Foundation University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (FUCLAS). The foundation is setting their high aims in delivering the quality education by promoting more scholarships to increase literacy level in the deprived sector of our society.

Al Khidmat Foundation

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Al Khidmat Foundation which is a nonprofit organization founded in 1940 before Pakistan came into being and achieving their aims in education, health and public service sectors. The foundation is working actively in attaining the educational revolution by awarding 5,703 scholarships to students of 188 schools under Talent Scholarship Program by joining the hands with Alfalah Scholarship scheme.

The foundation is not only focused to provide scholarships in Pakistan to students but these funds were utilized to offer school supplies to more than 3,500 underprivileged kids in shape of school sacks, record books, school shoes, and other school supplies for them.

Talent Scholarship Program joins hands with the collaboration of Alfalah Scholarship scheme. Scholarships provisions have been set up with an arrangement of offerings to many underprivileged, however talented, understudies have had the capacity to finish their instruction through the Alfalah Scholarship Scheme. As of today, 1,233 scholarships have been awarded to different universities and colleges. Up till now, 5,703 people have been awarded scholarships and other instructive support from Alkhidmat Alfalah Scholarships. Furthermore, 637 learners have finished their technical degrees and are working honorably in their particular fields.

Taleem Foundation

Taleem Foundation logo

Taleem Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1993 and their utmost aim in serving the society is to empower educational sector and for the purpose the foundation established eight (8) schools in tribal and remotest areas of Baluchistan which includes: Kohlu, Loralai, Killa Saifullah, Muslim Bagh, Zhob, Pishin, Mastung and Sui (Dera Bugti). Taaleem Foundation has also established a training center to cater vocational training and higher education in Sui to promote economic empowerment among females.

Taaleem Foundation, join hands with other profit and nonprofit organizations to cater underprivileged talents by awarding scholarships to TF students who score top positions in Grade VIII at the TF Board of Examination each year. The foundation facilitates more than 4,000 students in the scholarships program so that they will be able to continue their studies at the same school for the next academic session. A control check examination system is developed under the care of management to ensure that all students enrolled in the program should be selected on the basis of their intellectual capabilities.

Moreover, Taaleem Foundation which award’s scholarships in Pakistan achieved another milestone by introducing a female-friendly fee structure (FFFS), which encourages the parents to enroll their daughters on very low fees such as less than $1 per month with no admission fee, as compared to 3-10 dollars a month for a boy with around $30 as admission fee. This policy resulted in a great success with improving the girl’s enrollment ratio in this school system from nearly 8 % in 1990 to more than 35% at present. The organization is expanding its hands to cater new enrollments and to build an educated society.

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Care Foundation

Care Foundation logo

Care Foundation was registered as the non-governmental organization in 1988 by Miss Seema who is the founder of the foundation and awarded Philanthropist of the Year in 2016. The utmost responsibility of the organization is to build an educated society for the stars of the future by awarding more than 700 higher education scholarships which helps them in continuing their academic growth without any hitch due to financial arrangements. The organization is helping students not only by awarding scholarships but also utilizing the educational reforms in which intellectual students moral is been boosted by sending them gifts in the form of school supplies and accessories, this creates an interest towards study.