Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) has taken another step towards the bigger picture of reforming an educated society, contributing to provide equal opportunities for the Stars of the Future at Government Boys Primary School, run by Bilqees Sarwar Foundation at Jambar Kalan, Pattoki.

Education is one of the basic necessity for a nation contributing towards the progress and prosperity of a state. Reportedly, in Pakistan more than 25 million boys and girls falling in the age group of 5-16 are out of schools. Those who are in schools are not efficiently retained by the school systems, 48 out of 100 students leave school before reaching class 6. In such an adverse situation there is a dire need to reform the infrastructure and the quality of education.

BSF distributes uniforms to the stars of the future

Future of a nation relies upon the constructive efforts of its youth and for their skill development they need a good academic nourishment. This should be a matter of concern for the government and civil societies to put a lot of hard work in strengthening the education system for nurturing the Stars of the Future therefore, BSF took the initiative of providing quality education to the students studying at Government Boys Primary School run by Bilqees Sarwar Foundation at Jambar Kalan, Pattoki.

Holding the Hands in building the Future

stars of BSF receiving uniforms from BSF team

Private school systems have become a business trend in our country and due to their sky-high free structure, it has become very difficult for the majority of the population to facilitate their children with a standard education. Sadly, government school system is unable to compete with the educational standards of the private system. Contrary to this, Mr. Farhan Sarwar, President BSF is very concerned about the academic future of the next generation.

“I believe that quality education is the basic right of every individual and they should be provided with equal academic facilities. That is why, BSF has taken an initiative to support Government Boys Primary School situated in a remote area of Jambar Kalan Pattoki, where this school is the only place to educate students. We not only provide education to the students but we also convince their parents to send their children to the school.” Says Mr. Farhan

students holding uniforms given by BSF

In 2016, BSF took responsibility to run this government school following the private educational standards. Furthermore, BSF is looking forward to equip the school with essential facilities including Modern Computer Lab, Updated Curriculum with English medium standards and/or Oxford books, expansion of classrooms and affiliation with Punjab Board.

On 26th October, Bilqees Sarwar Foundation shared a token of appreciation in the form of school uniforms with a total of 150 students at Government Boys Primary School for their day to day struggle. BSF has the vision to provide these students with quality education so these Stars of the Future can bloom beautifully.

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