Top 3 NGOs in Pakistan have played a major role in pushing for sustainable development at the international level. Campaigning groups have been key drivers of inter-governmental negotiations, ranging from the regulation of hazardous wastes to a global ban on landmines and the elimination of slavery.

But NGOs are not only focusing their energies on governments and inter-governmental processes. With the retreat of the state from a number of public functions and regulatory activities, NGOs have begun to fix their sights on powerful corporations – many of which can rival entire nations in terms of their resources and influence.

Aided by advances in information and communications technology, NGOs have helped to focus attention on the social and environmental externalities of business activity. Multinational brands have been acutely susceptible to pressure from activists and from NGOs eager to challenge a company’s labor, environmental or human rights record. Even those businesses that do not specialize in highly visible branded goods are feeling the pressure, as campaigners develop techniques to target downstream customers and shareholders.

Top 3 NGOs in Pakistan and Other Non-Profit Governmental Sectors Involvement in Society

Not all NGOs are amenable to collaboration with the private sector. Some will prefer to remain at a distance, by monitoring, publicizing, and criticizing in cases where companies fail to take seriously their impacts upon the wider community. However, many are showing a willingness to devote some of their energy and resources to working alongside business, in order to address corporate social responsibility.

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation logo

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) is serving the community as a non-profit organization since June 2014 under a family run charity system. BSF has set the aims in serving the local community by contributing to education and health sectors. BSF which is the biggest NGO in Pakistan proudly announced the inauguration of Bilqees Sarwar Hospital in 2014 and with this mega project in healthcare sector we provide free and highly subsidized healthcare facilities to employees of HSNDS and to those most in need in the local community.  In Jamber; which is under Kasur district, BSF distributed free uniforms to 300 students which don’t have the affordability to buy new uniforms for their children at Government Boys Primary School. BSF catches the golden moments at the time when these students were receiving uniforms with a smile and hope that their needs are fulfilling with small steps.

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is planning an expansion of facilities in health and education sectors and majorly making decisions in exceeding the capacity of Bilqees Sarwar Hospital In-patient treatments. BSH aim is to double the quantity to cater patients from current infrastructure by making the quantity and quality of health more better. Currently, we have 50 seats in dialysis department and we are in the arrangement of expanding these 50 seats to 100 seats. We are planning to move to remote areas where the need of requirement is necessary and these areas require much attention for basic necessities of life. For this purpose, we need funds to be raised across the country.

Awakening Women

awakening women logo

Awakening Women is a new initiative by Maliha Sarwar who is a young student and the main aim of the foundation is to empower women by eliminating social, domestic and economic issues to women in their daily life. The concept behind this foundation is to highlight the issues which are in the routine with all those women during their jobs or at home. The foundation is working to evaluate the impact of feminism on the social, political and economic life of women by digging deep into the individual woman life issues.  The NGOs in Pakistan is working for the empowerment of women but Awakening Women is covering those who are being harassed at work, during traveling, covering the success stories of working women and the daily basis issues which are facing domestically and socially. Moreover, the organization is spreading the pathways to handle such issues and provide directions to file and broadcast the problems through proper channeling.

Empowerment of women in the workforce means allowing women to have more control over their lives. It means giving them the freedom to make their own schedules, learn new skills and gain self-reliance but unfortunately, we are unable to find equal value system in our culture and projects like Awakening Women should be appreciated as this is the need of time in the civilization of welfare that women are equal to men. Awakening Women is maintaining the records for violence and harassment cases that are disruptive in terms of lower productivity; they often result in litigation and bad company publicity.

Aman Foundation

Aman Foundation logo

Aman Foundation came in operational in 2008 at Karachi with the three primary goals of providing relief in health, education sectors and to provide free ambulance services. In 2015, the foundation participated in Shajar-e-Aman in which they planted 2000 local trees and 200 flowers at the Hill Park, Karachi. On February 24th, Aman Foundation in collaboration with Bilqees Sarwar Foundation distributed Free 1,000 thermal synthetic blankets to homeless people and to those who are living underprivileged. In the foundation under Aman Community Health Program (ACHP) a mobile field force of hundreds of women trained to initiate checkups and follow-ups on health problems which are common in the disease like Dengue, Hepatitis etc. in the local community. NGOs in Pakistan has the tendency to serve in limited scope of services but Aman Foundation is working for the welfare of society in different aspects of humanitarian reliefs which are;

Many projects run under the foundation, one of the projects named MASHAL (Light) provides mental health services with innovation and technology used for this process in mental health illness. In the same way, AMAN TELEHEALTH provides mental health advice and common illness advice over the phone with a dedicated help desk service call center. Overall, the foundation is focusing on those issues in society which were neglected for many years.


NGOs in Pakistan are the ones who really intend to care the uncared sections and the people at the bottom of the social stratum. Pakistan is a developing country which requires these type of committed, devoted and dedicated organizations for the development of the social welfare. So; the government, leaders, donors, politicians and the people who are above poverty line should support these organizations and help them to solve their problems at the grass root level. Then only their services are undoubtedly commendable in the uplift of the rural areas.