This document describes the Top 8 NGOs in Pakistan the main tasks of NGOs in the health system are providing services and health advocacy. Provision of services includes medical, social and psychological services as well as, integration activities, care and nursing, material and financial support, educational and information services and training. Health advocacy is a combination of individual and social actions designed to gain political commitment, policy support, social acceptance and systems support for a particular health goal or program.

The term “NGOs” (Non-governmental Organizations) includes different categories of entities that operate not to obtain financial gain, and also do not belong to the government sector. Non-governmental Organizations’ fields of activity were described in the International Classification of Non-Profit Organizations (ICNPO). NGOs are an integral part of a democratic society. Sociological sciences emphasize their importance in enhancing social integration, implementation of the principle of subsidiarity, building civil society, social dialogue and participatory democracy.

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An important task carried out by NGOs is participation in the formation of health policy. The increasing role of NGOs in providing social services and the participation in political processes, result in the need to confirm the validity and credibility of their operation. One of the ways could be to introduce the mechanisms to assess quality and efficiency, such as registration as a part of a legal system, self-regulatory activities (card rules, codes of ethics), certification, participation in networks, monitoring and audit.

The list of the TOP 8 NGOs in Pakistan is as followed:

  1. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation
  2. Edhi Foundation
  3. Shahid Afridi Foundation
  4. Al Khidmat Foundation
  5. Aurat Foundation
  6. Aga Khan Foundation
  7. Care Foundation
  8. Arfa Karim Foundation

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation logo

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation one of the top 8 NGOs in Pakistan was registered in June 2014 under a family-run charity organization with the goal of attaining the quality of healthcare facilities in Lahore. It is one of the largest public health initiatives and has become the cornerstone of work in the local community. BSF sets the high aims to improvise public sectors in health and education by providing a wide range of high-quality services and to its community. These aims became possible with the funding (Zakat and Charity) of Haji Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din and Sons Private.

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation over the past years has established a welfare organization in Pakistan, which provides basic necessities includes education, health and humanitarian sectors. At every need of the hour, BSF plays a vital role in the development of society and establishing a change in making footsteps for the civilization of welfare.

The Sarwar family struggled to find quality healthcare for a sick family member. In initial times of BSF, a devastating earthquake shook regions of Pakistan and many families were left without basic supplies and healthcare services. Throughout the relief effort, the Sarwar’s became one of the largest donors to citizens in the region and we expanded our efforts internationally to reach a wider scope of people.

Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation logo

Abdus Sattar Eidhi the founder of Edhi Foundation which came into operations in 1951. The most renowned and recognized non-profit organization in the world has proven their services across the globe. Edhi Foundation set exemplary footsteps and diversified their services in almost all possible sectors to serve people where there is a need. Their services include fostering the abandoned new born and children, rehabilitation centers, old house for neglected or tortured elderly people, free provision of ambulance service, medications and health camps, national and international relief and aid assistance, free arrangement of marriages, legal services to bail innocents from jails, shrouding services to unclaimed dead bodies and so many other projects are coming day by day which is difficult to explain this topic. People have a trust relationship with the foundation which helps them to grow with their donations and Edhi Foundation is making this relationship stronger by working in the humanitarian sector with the provision of such services without any discrimination.

After the death of Abdus Sattar Eidhi, it was predicted that the donation contributions will be declined because the impact of Sattar Sir call of donations was boosting the foundation funds but now his elder son Faisal Edhi has less visibility in front of people as compared to Sir Sattar. But people showed their trust to the organization and the contributions help the foundation to run their projects in a smooth manner.

Shahid Afridi Foundation

Shahid Afridi Foundation logo

Shahid Afridi Foundation was founded in March 2014 which is a non-profit organization which is run by Pakistan’s International Cricketer Shahid Afridi. His main objective is to provide quality education to children and establish an affection towards sports majorly on cricket. He receives the highest fame from cricket and due to his international fan following people support him for this cause with unlimited resources. The foundation major projects in betterment for the welfare of society up to the time involved Sahibzada Fazal Rehman Charity Hospital which is initiated to provide basic health facilities for deserving people.

SAF’s second achievement is installing a water well in Tharparkar as this area is lacking with clean drinking water provisions and such projects provide a relief for the residents to accomplish basic necessities of life. Shahid Afridi Foundation other projects include children education, sports-based activities and funding to healthcare sectors for better future. Shahid Afridi is contributing his part to the society in a manner which is proudly recognized all over the world.

Al Khidmat Foundation

Al Khidmat Foundation logo

Alkhidmat Foundation came into existence in 1940 but it was officially registered in 1990 providing humanitarian services across the Pakistan. The foundation is serving people in different sectors which includes disaster management that helps people in time of natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding by rescuing them, providing reliefs, rehabilitation and by providing training in disaster management center. They provide healthcare facilities in hospitals and clinics by providing ambulance services and facilitating mother and child healthcare centers. In the education sector, Al Khidmat Foundation is providing scholarship programs for those students who do not have the affordability plus they are supporting skill and technical education. Different water filtration plants are set all over the city to provide clean water and distributed free bottles to people. Along with this many hand pumps and water wells are set up by the organization as the clean water is the basic necessity of every human being regardless of any color or any race.

The main focusing project of Al Khidmat Foundation is to provide small interest-free loans to those people who have the skills but they don’t have the capital to initiate business. This helps people to run their circle without begging or working under limited resources. Provision of loans for small business increase the opportunity and self-confidence in people instead of relying on other aspects to start the business. Their other projects include wheelchairs distribution to handicap and relief provision in Ramadan and winter packages. This organization is expanding services to the welfare of people which will defiantly bring the positive change in the society.

Aurat Foundation

Aurat Foundation logo

Aurat Foundation was established in 1986 by Nigar Ahmed and Shehla Zia in Islamabad. Aurat Foundation provides active lobbying and advocacy on behalf of women. Their main aim is to empower women and fight for the rights of women against brutality. Aurat Foundation spread their services in 110 districts of Pakistan and provide advocacy services to assist women in solving their problems on an immediate basis at the district level. This foundation works on reported cases which people came to them for help but along with this organization find such cases in courts and jail system and help them directly which reinforce operational activities and serves at the macro level.

Aga Khan Foundation

Aga Khan Foundation logo

One of the top 8 NGOs in Pakistan, Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) a non-governmental organization was established in 1967 by Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini. Their main is to provide long-term solutions to poverty, hunger, illiteracy and health sector. Their major contributions are made in remote areas where access to basic necessities of life are in a slump and the organization also provides micro finances to promote startup projects in which people can start their own financial circles. In the education sector, AKF enhances early childhood development, the building of schools for primary and secondary level, medical and nursing education and teacher education system. AKF set a separate department in which they focused on the provision of emergency humanitarian response and relief to those affected people who are under natural disaster. Overall the organization is supporting the remote areas in which government aid programs are lacking with the resources.

Care Foundation

Care Foundation logo

In 1988 Care Foundation came into existence and till the time their primary objective is to empower children by providing quality education. Care Foundation is building schools for the primary level to educate from the basic root and to provide them prosperous future.  In this school system, they segregate the departments in which access to English language learning is part of the student’s courses, scholarships are awarded to deserving students, teacher training sessions and they made students indulged in many extracurricular activities like a trip to Japan.


Arfa Karim Foundation

Arfa Karim Foundation logo

Arfa Karim Randhawa who was the world youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) died on January 14th, 2012 due to cardiac arrest in Lahore and after her death the government of Punjab give the tribute to her work in the field of technology by naming the IT Tower as Arfa Karim Software Technology Park (ASTP) and in the same way Arfa Karim Foundation which is one of the top 8 NGOs in Pakistan is considered to be most worked in IT infrastructure came into existence on 3rd July, 2012 which is supported by her parents to continue her passion and dreams in the line of art and technology. AKF main aim is to help people in education, social innovations and community development. They are building Education Research Lab in which books study is replacing with computers as a need of modern era. The funds are invested by local fund-raising campaigns and government aid programs to fulfill the dreams of little genius. The online education system is in progress to their projects which will help children where accessibility in zero or limited due to social or geographical problems. So, with this idea Arfa Karim Foundation is making baby steps to innovation and technological advancement which will bring a definite change in our old-school methods.